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A Ghost Story

C is a musician living with his wife M in a small house in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. M wants to move, but C does not. One night, they hear a bang on their piano but cannot find the cause.

C is killed in a car accident. At the hospital, M views his body and covers it with a sheet. C awakens as a ghost covered in the sheet, and wanders through the hospital, invisible. He comes to a door of light, but turns away, and it closes. C returns to his house and watches his wife grieve over days and weeks. He sees another ghost inside the house next door; wordlessly, the ghost tells him that she is waiting for someone, but cannot remember who.

When M comes home with a man, C hurls books from the shelf and turns lights on and off. M listens to a song written by C when he was alive. M decides to move out; before she leaves, she writes a note and hides it in a gap in a wall. C picks at the wall but cannot retrieve the note.

A Hispanic family moves in. C watches them eat dinner, play piano, and celebrate Christmas. The children are bothered by his presence, and the family move out after C hurls plates from the kitchen cabinet. At a party thrown by the next occupants, C listens to a man describe how humans try to create a legacy, but everything is ultimately destroyed. The partygoers notice the lights flicker.

The house becomes abandoned and derelict. As C manages to remove a piece of the wall concealing the note, bulldozers level it and the house next door. The second ghost says she no longer thinks think whoever she is waiting for is coming, and vanishes.

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