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Two years after the incident at Olympus, a utopian city, Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires of the counter-terrorism unit E-SWAT rescues a group of European Union officials from cyborgs. The duo returns to Olympus, where Briareos is confined to hospital until he recovers, while Deunan continues E-SWAT work. When Deunan’s commanding officer Lance introduces her to her new partner, Tereus, she is shocked as her partner resembles Briareos’ human form.

Deunan confronts Lance for an explanation, and is given the tour of the new Bioroid production facility. During the tour, Hitomi, a bioroid that Deunan befriended during those events, is mentioned to now be a minister of political affairs. Here it is shown that Tereus is actually a Bioroid; a prototype for a whole new production line of Bioroids to be soldiers without negative emotions to impact their judgment in fighting. As his physical and mental strength was found to be most desirable in E-SWAT, Briareos’ DNA was used mostly in Tereus’ design. Reluctantly, Deunan is partnered up with Tereus to evaluate his performance. While departing, Deunan encounters Hitomi and Hitomi gives her a ride home. Deunan notices that many Olympus citizens are wearing Connexus; a device on their ears which projects holographic data over the eyes.

Deunan, Lance and Hitomi visit Briareos, still recovering in hospital. Here, Lance states that out of the last five terrorist incidents, four of them have been by groups composed solely of cyborgs, with transmitted signals from surrounding locations, thus suggesting that digitally vulnerable cyborgs are actually being manipulated to perform these acts. Because many of these cyborgs consist of parts made by Poseidon, a multinational industrial conglomerate, an emissary is sent to Prime Minister Athena. The emissary denies Poseidon blame, but Olympus still boycotts them, which Poseidon finds undesirable as other world powers may follow suit.

Meanwhile, Hitomi hosts a birthday party, in which Deunan is happy to find Briareos attending now that he’s fully recovered. Briareos meets Tereus for the first time – which makes him uncomfortable – but the two accept each other. Briareos also accepts Deunan’s new partnership with Tereus, and has found someone other than Deunan to partner with, which upsets her. She storms off, but is eventually joined by Tereus, who displays many of Briareos’ personality traits, which by Deunan’s own admission makes her feel “confused.”

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