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Beyblade (season 2)

Bladebreakers, the team that dominated the Beyblade World Tournament has split up. Max to the United States, Rei to China. Kai’s whereabouts are unknown, and Takao spends his days peacefully in Japan, dealing with every day issues at school and having some arguments with his classmate Hiromi Tachibana (Hilary in the English dub and the versions based on it). One day, a local supermarket promotes a minor beyblade championship whose winner will have the chance to challenge Takao. A mysterious boy who goes by the name of Mister X shows overwhelming difference in strength in the battle and it ends in his easy victory, leaving Takao speechless before a shocked audience.

Takao still can’t get over losing his town’s Beyblade Tournament to the mysterious Mister X. Kyojyu and Dizzi try to come up with some answers but the three discover a greater mystery. On the same day as Takao’s loss, Max and Rei were also visited by similar shadowy figures that easily defeated them as well. While Takao does his best to avoid his school chores, Kyojyu makes a discovery about Mister X’s Beyblade: it possesses an invisible bit-beast. Meanwhile, Takao unexpectedly runs into Mister X at a local park and immediately challenges him to a rematch.

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