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Sameer “Sam” Kapoor (Abhishek Bachchan) and Kunal Chopra (John Abraham) are fun-loving, womanising bachelors in Miami. Sam (a male nurse) is often kidded about skirt-wearing, and Kunal is a fashion photographer. They first meet at a friend’s place after a night out with girls, and run into each other again when they are interested in renting the same apartment. The apartment belongs to Neha Melwani (Priyanka Chopra), who works for Verve. She lives there with her aunt (Sushmita Mukherjee), who refuses to sublet the apartment to either of them since Neha wants girls as flatmates.

After meeting a gay soldier, Sam persuades a reluctant Kunal to pretend that they are lovers so they can rent the apartment. They regret their decision when they meet Neha, since they are attracted to her. The three become good friends, and Sam and Kunal fall in love with her.

Neha’s gay boss, Murli “M” (Boman Irani), resigns as Verve’s editor and must choose his successor. To impress him (and hopefully get the job), Neha invites him for dinner at her house and asks Sam and Kunal to entertain him. A US government agent visits them for a surprise inspection and joins the party. Chaos ensues when Rani (Kiron Kher), Sam’s mother, arrives to check on him after she receives a letter from the US government at her home in London approving his application for a domestic partnership with Kunal. M later concludes that Sam and Kunal are a couple and not single, as he initially thought.

At Neha’s office the following day, M announces that Abhimanyu “Abhi” Singh (Bobby Deol) will be the new editor. Neha, upset at being passed over for promotion, goes home and is consoled by Rani; in turn, she helps Rani accept her son’s sexuality. Kunal and Sam help Neha with a project assigned by Abhi, who is impressed with her work. They later take Neha on separate dates, both telling her that they love her. Neha, convinced that they are gay, sees the dates as friendly outings. When Abhi and Neha begin dating, Sam and Kunal sabotage the budding relationship by giving Abhi inappropriate advice; this irritates Neha, and she and Abhi quarrel. When Neha discovers Kunal and Sam’s plan, she misinterprets it as jealousy of Abhi. Sam and Kunal redirect their efforts into frightening Veer, Abhi’s five-year-old son, about his future with Neha. During a basketball game, Neha discovers that Abhi plans to propose to her and asks Kunal and Sameer’s advice. They ask her to turn him down, admitting that their homosexuality is a ruse and they both love her. Veer tells Abhi about his fears, and during the game Abhi breaks up with Neha. She tearfully evicts Kunal and Sameer from her apartment, and resigns from Verve.

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