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Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam

Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam (English: This One’s a Type, That One’s Another Type) is a 2016 Telugu romantic comedy film, produced by Sunkara Ramabrahmam on A.K. Entertainments banner and directed by G. Nageswara Reddy. It features Manchu Vishnu, Sonarika Bhadoria, Raj Tarun and Hebah Patel in the lead roles while Rajendra Prasad appears in a crucial supporting role and music composed by Sai Karthik. The film is based on Punjabi Movie Carry On Jatta (2012) which was inspired by the Malayalam movie Chakkikotha Chankaran (1989).Then this film remake in odia named “Pilati Bigidi Gala”.

The film’s music was released on 26 March 2016 in Hyderabad. The film released worldwide on 14 April 2016. Upon the release, the film received mixed reviews.

The film was dubbed into Hindi under the title Hyper by Goldmines Telefilms in 2018.

The story runs between two good friends Arjun (Manchu Vishnu) & Ashwin (Raj Tharun). Arjun is the son of a very rich Leading Lawyer Narayana (Rajendra Prasad) while Ashwin is the son of an ordinary Inspector M. Koteswara Rao (Posani Krishna Murali). Once both of them visits their friend Kishore’s (Vennela Kishore) marriage both of them fall in love with two beautiful girls Neelaveni (Sonarika Bhadoria) & Supriya (Hebah Patel) respectively.

Neelaveni is the sister of Dattu (Abhimanyu Singh) while Supriya is the sister of Gaja (Supreth) who are popular goons in the city and opponents to each other. Neelaveni has a condition to marry an orphan after seeing her sister’s life, though he has a family, Arjun acts as an orphan to gain her love and Dattu accepts their love and makes their marriage within no time in the register office.

Arjun & Neelaveni are in search of rent house to start their new life and unfortunately, Neelaveni rents the upper portion of Arjun’s house only, where the trouble starts, therefore, Arjun shows Ashwin as Neelaveni’s husband before his family members and Ashwin as Narayana’s second son to Neelaveni. On the other hand, Gaja also intends to meet Ashwin and he wants a rich alliance for his sister. So, Ashwin also lies that he is the son of Advocate Narayana, Arjun also helps him to focus Ashwin as Narayana’s son and successfully makes his marriage with Supriya. Rest of the story is a humorous confusion drama that who married whom? What are they doing in Lawyer Narayana’s house?

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