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Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada

Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada is a 2016 Indian Telugu supernatural-romantic thriller language film written and directed by Vi Anand. Produced by P. V. Rao, it features Nikhil Siddharth, Hebah Patel, Nandita Swetha and Avika Gor in the lead roles, with dialogues by Abburi Ravi, music composed by Shekar Chandra, cinematography by Sai Sriram, and editing by Chota K Prasad. The film was released on 18 November 2016 to Positive Reviews.

Arjun(Nikhil Siddharth) after finishing off his exam waits at marriage registrar office for his girlfriend Ayesha to marry but Ayesha doesn’t come, and Arjun is left heart broken.Few years later Arjun’s friend Kishore gets mentally disturbed and he feels that he is possessed by some spirit. For treatment Arjun takes Kishore to kerala.while Kishore is treated Arjun gets close to a girl named Amala and gets attracted to her as he feels she is similar to Ayesha in terms of attitude. After kishore’s treatment Arjun is once again left heartbroken as Amala Leaves the place with out even informing him.Arjun goes after Amala to her village and gets shocked by knowing that Amala met with an accident many years back and the girl whom he met in kerala is not Amala.Back in Hyderabad arjun meets the girl who supposed to be Amala her actual name is Nitya(Hebha Patel) and gets to know that in the past Nitya was possessed by a spirit whose name was Amala and for treatment Nitya went to kerala.Gradually Nitya and Arjun get closer but at that time amala’s spirit enters another girls body and comes to Arjun’s house.Arjun although tensed maintains a normal behaviour with Amala. Gradually Arjun’s close behavior with Nitya makes Amala furious and emotional as she is possessive about arjun at that point Amala reveals the truth that she is none other than Ayesha(Avika Gor) the same girl whom Arjun was supposed to marry but unfortunately on the day of marriage she met with an accident and died on the spot.She says that she has saved a girl named Parvathi when she was attempting a suicide because she was supposed to marry her uncle which she doesn’t like and possessed her.After hearing all this Arjun feels guilty and sad that he couldn’t identify her and he tries to stop her but Amala does not pay heed to any of his pleas .Amala feels that Arjun no longer loves her and leaves Parvathi’s body after gaining consciousness Parvathi is unable to recognise Arjun and at this point of time Parvathi’s uncle comes there and beats Arjun. When he is about to kill Arjun ,Amala once again enters Parvathi’s body and saves Arjun. While in the hospital Amala gets to know from Nitya that Arjun is still in love with her that’s why he had said no to Nitya’s love proposal,but at this time Kishore with the help of swamiji from Kerala makes Amala’s soul leave Parvathi body and captures it.swami consoles Arjun that it’s against gods will for a soul to live on earth after death.A few months later Arjun meets Nitya on road and he finds that some of her behaviour resembles that of Amala and ends up proposing her for marriage . The film ends on a happy note.

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