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Final Girl

A young Veronica meets with a man named William after her parents have died. He asks her how she feels about it, and she responds that people die all the time. After she demonstrates total memory recall, he offers to take her in and train her for a job that is only for “special” people. After he explains that his wife and child were killed by “a very bad man”, she accepts.

Twelve years later in what appears to be 1960s America, a now blonde-haired Veronica prepares to finish training. She and William enter the woods so she can acclimate to running through the woods barefoot. William explains she cannot use a gun since they are useless after running out of bullets. William teaches her how to put someone in a choke-hold. For the last piece of her training, she is given a combination of truth serum and a hallucinatory drug to confront her greatest fear. This is so she can understand what her victims will be experiencing. Despite believing herself fearless, Veronica confronts her fear of failure.

Jameson, Daniel, Nelson, and Shane meet at a diner. Jameson, their leader, chooses blonde women to hunt and kill. Their latest prey is a waitress named Gwen. The boys take her to the woods, where they shoot her dead. On a recon mission, Veronica meets Shane’s girlfriend, Jennifer, at the diner. They bond over their boy issues, revealing Veronica’s romantic feelings for William despite their age difference and her realization that he is emotionally unavailable. Jennifer tells her the boys are on the verge of falling apart. Next, using herself as bait, Veronica meets Jameson at the diner and accepts a date and is told to come with clean hair and red lipstick.

Before leaving, Veronica writes “I Love You” in lipstick on her mirror. The boys pick her up at the diner and take her to the woods, where they play truth or dare. Offering a whiskey flask to the boys from her purse, she tricks all except Jameson into drinking the hallucinogen. She draws the dare ‘Die’ and asks to go home, but they refuse to take her. Jameson assures her that they will not rape her because women do not run so well following sexual assault. He gives her five minutes to run, which she takes before getting rid of her heels so she can fight. The boys do not wait and go after her immediately.

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