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Half Girlfriend

The movie begins when Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor) comes to the apartment where Riya Somani (Shraddha Kapoor) lived in Patna, as the broker (who helped Riya rent the apartment) asked Madhav to collect her belongings, for she left the apartment without leaving behind any sort of information. Madhav, along with Riya’s belongings, boards a train to Riya’s house in New Delhi. In the train, he opens the box and finds Riya’s cell phone in which he plays a video track of the memories of Madhav and Riya in Patna, in which Riya helped Madhav prepare for an English speech to present in front of Bill Gates who was paying a visit to a school run by Madhav’s mother. As Riya asks Madhav to speak in English, the story revolves in a flashback when Madhav was asked by the professors of the St. Steven’s College to speak in English in his entrance interview.

In the college, Madhav met a girl named Riya Somani who was giving a trial for sports quota admission. Madhav helped Riya by guiding her how to play the match as she was losing it. With his advice, Riya was able to qualify through the match. With this, they both become good friends and play basketball every evening in the college court. As Madhav tells his friends about Riya, who became his friend, Madhav’s friends, including his best friend and roommate Shailesh (Vikrant Massey), ask him to take Riya for a date. Another day, Madhav asks Riya out to watch a movie and Riya accepts. In the theater, Madhav tries to come close to Riya but Riya stops him and asks him to remain just a friend. The same day, Madhav tells his friends about the movie treat and also that Riya asked Madhav to visit her residence on the occasion of her birthday. Hearing this, Madhav’s friends ask him to propose to Riya.

On her birthday, Madhav hesitates to propose to Riya, and questions her about the nature of their relationship. Uncomfortable, Riya says that she is not his girlfriend, but she can come at least halfway and become his Half Girlfriend. Excited Madhav, tells his friends that Riya offered to become his Half Girlfriend. Madhav’s friends laugh and mock him as he only got noticed at the party from recognition by waiters as Prince of Simrao. Shailesh, who always thinks Riya is just using Madhav, asks Madhav to tell her to sleep with him.

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