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Raj Batra is running a successful business of bridal wears in downtown Delhi. Although rich, he is not highly educated & is not fluent in English or the supposedly ‘high class culture’ his wife Mita aspires to be. Both of them have studied from govt run ‘Hindi Medium’ school, not known to have high degree of sophistication. Mita aspires that their 5 year daughter Pia should break this barrier & is adamant that she is to be admitted to one of the top 5 schools in Delhi. They visit all the 5 schools & get acquainted with the admission procedure. The top school ‘Delhi Grammar School’ has a condition that they give admission to students who reside within 3km radius. For this they shift to Vasant Vihar. Raj is very sad to leave his paternal home.

Later they realise that parents are interviewed for the admission & they are not prepared for that. They go to a consultant who grooms them & Pia for the interview. As it happens Raj has not fully prepared his tutored answers to questions in the interview and unknowingly gets exposed. As a result, they don’t get admission to any of the schools. The consultant later informs them that since they are not highly educated, the schools might have seen this as a negative point. Raj tries all ploys to get admission at ‘Prakriti’. He meets influential politicians, tries to bribe the principal with donation money, etc. None of his tricks succeed.

Depressed, they are resting at home when one of their employees comes with sweets. He is distributing sweets because his daughter has got admission at ‘Prakriti’. Raj & Mita are totally shocked. They cannot believe that their employee who earns much less than them, and is less educated than them got admission. They ask him how it happened. It turns out that his daughter got admission from RTE (Right to education) quota, reserved specifically by the govt for students coming from lower strata of the society. Raj had sent him to ‘Prakriti’ to get form for his daughter, so along with that he got admission form for his daughter as well.

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