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Mucize – The Miracle

A school teacher Mahir Ögretmen who lives in a seaside city of turkey in the 1960’s got transferred to a remote village. He had to leave against the wishes of his wife and two daughters. He had to take a very long journey by bus which stops long before his destination, which is two mountains away from the village since the government didn’t make any road further. After taking a walk through the mountains he reached the village, which is more likely to be a settlement than a village. People of the village sneak up on him with guns, and when they get to know his identity, they would let him know that they have no school in the village. The children of the village are forever destined to illiteracy as the teacher thinks he is not up to the task. We live under the will of God for eight months(when it snows) and at the mercy of the government for rest of the four months. These words from the village elder, sums up the harsh reality of their community life. But the teacher takes up the task to bring a school to them through government way and fails. The chief of the village, who already liked the teacher is sad to see him leave as there is no school is going to be set up by the government. After the night passes, the teacher comes up with a plan for building the school. He makes a call to his home asking for money saying that he has been kidnapped by the bandits. After getting the money the school were built with the help of the villagers and the mountain bandits. In the meantime, the story starts showing us the life of the village. The youngsters in the community get married one by one, to a bride chosen by the elders. The bride selection ritual is quite funny. The elder women of the village go for selecting after hearing the elligible bachelors wishes and requirements and whoever they chose by asking the bride questions about qur’an, cooking and inspecting the breaths have to be taken wife by the groom. Two of the Chief’s son gets married, but the eldest son Aziz is handicapped. The village people and children mocks and taunts him. The teacher rescues him by admitting him in the newly found school, where all the children of the village started studying in a single room. No one thought Aziz as fit for marriage, but suddenly the Chief saves the life of a person outside the court in the town. The man, out of his gratefulness makes a promise to the grooms father to let his daughter Mizgin to be married to Aziz. Life gets difficult for Mizgin and Aziz as the community thinks that they are not a fit couple. After several hurtful attitudes and behaviours from the villagers Aziz and Mizgin runs away. A few days later, the teacher also returns to his city. 7 years later the teacher comes back to the village with a Aziz and Mizgin.

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