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Insidious: The Last Key

In 1953, a young Elise Rainier lives with her mother Audrey, brother Christian, and father Gerald in New Mexico. Gerald works as an executioner in a nearby prison. Elise claims to see the ghosts of the prisoners that have been killed in the electric chair, which concerns Audrey and angers Gerald. One night when Christian and Elise were about to sleep, Elise encounters a ghost in their room which frightens Christian, prompting him to use a whistle given by their mother to call for help. However, the whistle was misplaced before Christian could blow it. The commotion causes their parents to enter the bedroom, and a furious Gerald beats Elise before locking her in the basement. In the basement, a voice lures Elise to a door which she unlocks. A demon called Key Face emerges from the door and possesses Elise. Audrey investigates and finds the possessed Elise before being hung by a wire controlled by the entity, killing her. Elise is broken out of the possession as Gerald arrives and finds Elise and Audrey’s body.

Decades later, an older Elise works as a paranormal investigator with her two colleagues, Specs and Tucker, taking clients via phone calls. One day, Elise receives a phone call seeking for help. The client, Ted Garza, claims that he has been experiencing paranormal activity since moving into his house. While on the phone, he reveals that he is living in Elise’s childhood home. Hesitant at first, she explains to her colleagues what happened to her during her childhood, then deciding to accept the job in order to make things right.

While in New Mexico, Elise stays in her old home with Garza. He told her that there have been a lot of paranormal incidents happening in the home, mostly in her old bedroom, which he has blocked and refuses to enter. Elise does a walk through of the home that night, using a night vision camera so the others can see what she does. While in her old room she stumbles across the whistle that Christian thought to have lost. She also finds a set of keys in her room attached to her father’s old uniform before being led to the basement by mysterious sounds. A female ghost appears only visible to the crew, she attacks Elise and shouts “help her” before stealing the whistle and vanishing. Elise then informs them that she had seen the ghost before in her teenage years. Elise had spotted the “ghost” in their laundry room and when Gerald investigated, he claims to have not seen it. Fearing another beating by her father who is increasingly angry with her abilities, she flees the house and abandons Christian.

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