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IObit Malware Fighter

Major Improvements in V 5.1.0:

+ Supported to protect your PC against WannaCry ransomware and its variants.

+ Enhanced Anti-ransomware Engine adds protection for 100+ new file types to better protect your important data.

+ Enhanced Force Delete for more powerful and thorough removal.

+ Optimized UI to better support high DPI monitor.

+ Expanded database supports the removal of the latest threats including YeaDesktop, MyStartab, Kyubey etc.

+ Further optimized update process for faster and more stable update.

+ Optimized operation process for better user experience.

+ Improved several multi-languages.

* Fixed all known bugs.

Easily Scan & Detect Malware and Online Threats at Faster Speed
Safer Online Surfing with Ads Removal & Secured PC with Download Protection

Block Ransomware & ProtectYour Files

Ransomware has become a more serious problem in recent years; it spreads through e-mail attachments, infected programs and compromised websites. Once infected by ransomware, your PC or important files can be encrypted by hackers that demand a ransom to let you regain access. To fix this security hole for you, our new-released IObit Malware Fighter is equipped with a powerful ransomware engine which can detect and analyze any suspicious behavior before it breaks into your PC, thereby blocking potential attacks.

Up to 130% Faster Scan

Anti-malware software is essential for protecting your computer. Unfortunately it usually annoys users by taking too long to scan and detect infections. IObit Malware Fighter 5, with its enhanced scanning engine, offers a 130% faster scan allowing you to quickly target any active online threat. You are also able to run a scan in the background without disturbing your work or slowing down your PC.

Safer Online Browsing & Downloads

Pop-up ads may link to malicious websites which may stole your personal information once being clicked randomly. New IObit Malware Fighter supports the removal of all ads for safer browsing. Some downloaded files contain harmful programs that can easily infect your PC and cause serious problems. To protect you from this issue, IObit Malware Fighter scans every download file in real-time to ensure a safe PC.

Deeper & All-round Real-time Protection

Malware can quickly break into your computer in many different ways. Luckily the real-time protection provided by IObit Malware Fighter checks your computer for suspicious activity at all times. It detects and stops malicious actions, prevents USB viruses from harming your PC and safeguards your camera against unauthorized access.

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