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Mr. Bean’s Holiday

Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) drives to a church fete where he wins the first prize in a raffle – a holiday involving a train journey to Cannes, a video camera, and €200.

Following a misunderstanding involving a taxi at Paris railway station Gare du Nord, Bean is forced to make his way unorthodoxly towards the Gare de Lyon to board his next train towards Cannes. However, a vending machine prevents him from boarding, and he misses his train, giving him an hour to sample French seafood cuisine at the restaurant Le Train Bleu.

Back on the platform, Bean asks a man, who is a Russian movie director Emil Duchevsky (Karel Roden), to use his camcorder to film his boarding the train. Bean makes a big fuss and keeps asking for retakes, so by the time they are done, the train is about to leave. Although Bean manages to get onto the train, the doors close before Emil can get on. Emil’s son, Stepan (Maxim Baldry) is therefore left on board without his father.

Bean attempts without success to befriend the boy. At the next station, the train leaves without him when he disembarks to get his camcorder back from the boy who has disembarked earlier. The train Emil has boarded does not stop at that station. So, Emil holds a sign showing a mobile number but the last two digits are covered by his fingers. Attempts at calling the number prove fruitless. Bean and Stepan board the next train but get kicked off because Bean left his wallet, and ticket on the telephone box.

Attempts at begging and lip syncing to Puccini’s “O mio babbino caro” prove successful, and Bean buys the pair bus tickets to Cannes. Bean manages to lose his, though, and attempts to hitchhike his way there. Bean soon falls asleep, exhausted from walking and wakes up on what appears to be a quaint French village but is actually a film set for a yoghurt advert. Bean ends up as an extra in the advert, directed by Carson Clay (Willem Dafoe). When Bean’s camera battery dies, he recharges it, but accidentally ends up destroying the set in an explosion.

Bean then tries to hitchhike again and a lime-green Mini identical to his picks him up, driven by actress Sabine (Emma de Caunes), who offers him a lift to Cannes. She is an aspiring actress on her way to the 59th Cannes Film Festival, where the film in which she makes her debut as an extra will be presented. When they stop at a service station, Bean finds Stepan dancing in a cafe with a band. Sabine agrees to take him with them.

Sabine thinks Stepan is Bean’s son, while Stepan thinks Sabine is Bean’s fiancée. On the road again, Bean finds Sabine’s cell phone, and he and Stepan now try to call Emil again, but to no avail, and the trio end up driving through the night.

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