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Riots and violence cause deaths and destruction in Mumbai city but the Chief Minister Balraj Chauhan (Amrish Puri) because of some political motive, does not take any preventive step. TV reporter Shivaji Rao (Anil Kapoor) in a telly interview of Chauhan publicly brings to light the CM’s disregard towards the elimination of the recent violence and his total failure as a CM working for the growth and development of the state. Chauhan, just to stick up for his political image, says to Rao snapping his fingers, “Sirf ek din… sirf ek din ke liye CM bannke dikhaao”, (Become the CM just for a day), something that later became a popular and theoretical political concept in India where edification in political and social arena is a crying need. Rao accepts Chauhan’s challenge and emerges as an efficient CM wiping out various socio-economic problems of the state and dismissing the corrupt government employees. Rao’s beloved is played by Rani Mukherjee.

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