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The film opens with Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) moving from India to Budapest for a job as a banker, along with his friend Radha (Varun Sharma). Shiv is shown to have been a fun-loving womanizer back home and continues this behavior in Budapest. The audience is then introduced to Saira (Kriti Sanon), who is haunted by mysterious nightmares of drowning to death. She lives by herself in Budapest, working as a chocolatier. Shiv happens upon Saira’s shop while on a date with a woman, but finds himself deeply attracted to Saira. Though she initially rejects his advances, Saira eventually succumbs and sleeps with Shiv, revealing the next day that she actually has a boyfriend and does not want to betray him. Shiv interrupts one of their dates and shows Saira that she would rather be with him than with her boyfriend. Saira’s boyfriend breaks up with her and leaves in a huff. After this, Shiv and Saira spend a lot of time together and grow very close. On one of their nights together they go to a party with Radha, where they happen upon an eccentric psychic who knows about Saira’s nightmares and tells her that her life is about to change drastically, that the events of her previous life will repeat themselves, and only she can fix them. Saira tearfully reveals to Shiv that she has a fear of water because her parents drowned after a car accident when she was two years old.

A few days later, Shiv proposes to Saira. She acknowledges that they have an inexplicably special connection, but suggests that they put their love to the test by meeting with other strangers and seeing if they feel the same type of attraction. They go to a party where Shiv flirts with multiple women. Meanwhile, Saira is charmed by Zakir (Jim Sarbh), a wealthy liquor baron. When Shiv comes over and meets Zakir, the tension is apparent but quickly dissolved. Later, Shiv tells Saira that he has to leave for Vienna for a week for a work commitment. Saira is upset to see him leave, but Shiv reassures her that this will only make their love stronger. While Shiv is gone, Zakir approaches Saira and she finds herself on a date with him. She tells Zakir that she finds herself drawn to him because he is exactly her type, but tells him that her heart belongs to Shiv. Zakir drugs Saira and kidnaps her, ordering his henchmen to kill Shiv.

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