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Saw IV

A wax-coated microcassette is found in John Kramer’s stomach during his autopsy, and reveals to Detective Mark Hoffman that the games will continue and he will still be tested. Elsewhere, two men – one with his eyes sewn shut, the other with his mouth sewn shut – awaken in a mausoleum, chained at the neck to a winch. The blinded man panics and activates the winch before attacking the muted man, who kills him in self-defense and uses a key from his collar to free himself.

Four days after Allison Kerry’s death, a SWAT team led by Hoffman and Lieutenant Daniel Rigg find her body, and Hoffman warns Rigg against breaking through an unsecured door to reach her. The scene is also investigated by Peter Strahm and Lindsey Perez, Kerry’s FBI contacts, who received a message and a key from her. Noting John and Amanda Young’s physical limitations, Strahm speculates that a third accomplice was involved and soon becomes suspicious of Rigg, who has developed an obsession with saving people in the six months since the disappearance of detective Eric Matthews. That night, Rigg is attacked in his home; and awakens to learn that Eric is still alive and he has ninety minutes to save him, with Hoffman’s life at risk as well. Meanwhile, he must play his own game in order to face and overcome his obsession.

Rigg finds a prostitute, named Brenda, bound to a chair in his living room, and accidentally activates the trap, which slowly tears her scalp off. He manages to free her, but kills her in self-defense when she attacks him with a knife in order to evade arrest. Rigg is then led to a motel and instructed to abduct the owner, Ivan Landsness, who Rigg later finds out is a serial rapist. He forces Ivan onto a bed, which requires Ivan to blind both of his eyes in order to escape. However, Ivan only blinds one of his eyes, and the trap dismembers him. Next, Rigg is led to a school, where he finds a married couple impaled by metal spikes: Rex, who has already died from blood loss; and his abused wife Morgan, who has remained alive at his expense by pulling the spikes from both of their bodies. Rigg pulls out the last spike and gives her a key to free herself. He then turns on a fire alarm and goes to the location of his final test.

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