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Saw VI

Two predatory lenders wake up in a room with a caged-in scale, wearing head harnesses with screws aimed at their temples, and the one who sets more flesh weight on their scale will survive. The overweight Eddie cuts fat from his torso, but Simone chops off her arm, and Eddie is killed when the timer expires. As he reviews the game’s footage, Detective Lieutenant Mark Hoffman is called over by FBI Agent Dan Erickson, who found Peter Strahm’s fingerprints at the scene. Also present is Lindsey Perez, whose survival was covered up by Erickson for her protection. They learn from Dr. Adam Heffner, the coroner who performed the autopsies for all of the Jigsaw victims thus far, that the knife used to cut the jigsaw piece from Eddie’s flesh was only used once before, on Seth Baxter. The agents intend to find the Baxter audio tape to prove Strahm’s involvement.

While at the hospital to meet with Simone, Hoffman is met by reporter Pamela Jenkins, who claims to have found something at the meatpacking plant. He later meets with Jill Tuck at her clinic and tells her that he is taking control of the games. Jill gives him five envelopes from the box left to her in John Kramer’s will, each containing photos of people to be tested. After he leaves, a flashback reveals that John brought Amanda Young to Jill, who had deemed her a lost cause, as proof that his methods work. A later flashback, as Jill delivers a package from the box to the hospital, shows that Jill met with John at the plant hours before his death, where he gave her the box’s key and his promise that she would be protected when the games ended.

William Easton, an insurance executive for Umbrella Health, meets with Debbie, the company’s attorney, about Harold Abbott, who succumbed to heart disease after his coverage request was denied due to an application discrepancy. Hoffman abducts Easton from his office that night and brings him to an abandoned zoo, where he and his janitor, Hank, awaken in vises designed to tighten around their torsos each time they breathe into oxygen masks strapped to their faces. John himself appears in a videotape and informs William that he has one hour to complete four tests and remove the bombs strapped to his limbs, or he will lose his family. Hank, a heavy smoker, is unable to hold his breath and is killed by the vise. William’s other tests force him to choose which of his workers to save from various traps, including a hanging room, a steam room, and carousel trap. Flashbacks show that John met William at the opening of Jill’s clinic and took issue with his formula for only deeming policyholders worthy of coverage. After his cancer was diagnosed, John’s coverage request for an experimental Norwegian treatment was rejected by William.

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