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The Gods Must Be Crazy II

The story starts with two elephant poachers crossing the area in which Xixo’s tribe lives. Curious about their vehicle, Xixo’s son Xiri and daughter Xisa climb into the water tank trailer and are subsequently taken for an involuntary ride as the poachers continue. Xixo follows the truck on foot, determined to retrieve his children.

A young lawyer named Ann Taylor arrives at a bush clinic to participate in a lecture. Since she has some spare time, she accepts the invitation by a young man to take a joyride in his two-seat, twin engined ultralight aircraft. They go to see scientist Dr. Stephen Marshall, who exchanges places with the other pilot so he and Ann can continue on, but the plane crashes, stranding them both in the middle of the Kalahari desert. In addition, war is brewing, personified by a lost Cuban soldier (Mateo) and his Angolan enemy (Timi), who repeatedly attempt to take each other prisoner.

In the course of the movie, all these people cross paths with Xixo and/or his children. Finally, the plot culminates in the poachers capturing Xixo, Taylor, Marshall, and the two soldiers. Xixo manages to save them, and one of the poachers, who is actually a nice guy kept under the heel of his boss, gives Xixo directions to his children. The boss poacher is captured, both soldiers come to somewhat reluctant terms and part without further violence, Taylor and Marshall return to civilisation (though not without a last embarrassing accident), and Xixo and his family are happily reunited.

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