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Trolls Holiday

When Queen Poppy, Branch and the Trolls, took away Trollstice from Bergen Town after the events of the first film, the Bergens were left with no holidays to celebrate. After receiving cards from the Bergens, Poppy decides to give the Bergens some of the Trolls’ holidays to celebrate for the season. The queen enlists her boyfriend Branch (who is still acclimating, to the idea of happiness by smiling) and the Snack pack to travel to Bergen Town by a bug – like bus, driven by Cloud Guy. After the trolls travel through a scary wormhole, Poppy, Branch, & the Snack Pack arrive in Bergen town to give the Bergens some holidays to celebrate.

Poppy, Branch and the Snack Pack show Bridget and King Gristle their holidays, but it ends in a very bad way that all included (Tons of glitter, censored body parts, lights, swearing, etc). Then after Bridget stopping the massive show of holidays, Bridget tries to not hurt Poppy’s feelings, but the Queen ignores Bridget, by her and the Trolls continuing to show the Bergens, more and more holidays. During the commotion, Branch mentions to Guy Diamond that this is the nicest “fight” he has ever seen.

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