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Veera Parampare

Veera Parampare (ವೀರಪರಂಪರೆ) (translation : heroic heritage) is a 2010 Kannada drama film starring Ambarish, Sudeep, Aindritha Ray directed by S.Narayan. Bhagyavathi Narayan has produced the film under home banner and S. Narayan himself has scored the songs and background score by Dharma Vish.

The story begins with Varade Gowda (Ambareesh) who is a do-gooder in the village and is liked and respected by all. However, he has an enemy in Byre Gowda (Sudeep Tyagi) who is keen on ending the domination of Varade as he wants to acquire the agricultural lands of the villagers. But then, he is unable to do that due to Varade Gowda’s most trusted lieutenant Teja (Sudeep). Teja’s father also showed the same loyalty by sacrificing his life to save Varade. With this, Byre tries another plan and creates friction within Varade’s family members and instigates them to kill Varade.

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